Announcing Boorun’s Canoe and upcoming artist talk at the Melbourne Museum

Senior Gunaikurnai elder, Uncle Albert Mullett, guides grandchildren in making a traditional tree bark canoe.

It gives me great pleasure to formally announce Boorun’s Canoe, an indigenous cultural arts collaboration I’ve been working on part-time for the past 18 months with Indigenous artist Steaphan Paton, senior Gunaikurnai elder Uncle Albert Mullett, various members of the Gunaikurnai community and Bunjilaka, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre at the Melbourne Museum.

Together we developed Boorun’s Canoe to ensure the transfer of traditional canoe-building knowledge to young generations and promote the story of cultural revival. This project brings together vital elements of cultural pride, intergenerational knowledge, traditional practice and story accompanied by over 30 of my images.

Boorun’s Canoe has been selected to be the 2012 midyear exhibition at Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Melbourne Museum, opening NAIDOC week.

Next Week, From 1pm to 1.45pm on Friday (Feb 10) Steaphan and I will be giving an artist talk on the project, our inspiration and collaboration. At this talk I will also be projecting a short slideshow to preview the project.

The talk is at the Discovery Centre in the Melbourne Museum located in Carlton. If you can make it on your lunch break next Friday I’d love to see you there. For information on how to find the venue click here.




2 thoughts on “Announcing Boorun’s Canoe and upcoming artist talk at the Melbourne Museum

  1. Thanks Janice, I’m really looking forward to this talk. I read your fish and ponds post on your blog by the way, great way of framing life’s challenges!


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