Announcing my debut exhibition: Mongolia in the Footsteps of the Nomads

I’m happy to announce and invite you to attend the official opening of my debut photographic exhibition, Mongolia in the Footsteps of the Nomads, on Saturday the 25th of February. In mid 2011 I was invited by my eldest brother, adventurer Tim Cope, and World Expeditions, to produce a series of photographs in a land that occupies a mythical place in our collective imagination.

As an emerging photographic artist and travel photographer, it was an incredible opportunity for fresh inspiration and to connect with people from a culture I had not yet experienced. It quickly became clear to me the Mongolian nomadic way of life was fundamentally different from our own. Their land is fence-free, their possessions few and the doors to their homes always open to strangers. Their philosophy seemed to be ‘don’t ask, just do’, allowing me an exceptional freedom to engage in people’s lives with my camera. Mongolia in the Footsteps of the Nomads is my debut exhibition and a photographic exploration of Mongolia’s remote far west and select locations in the Gobi Desert and Terelj National Park.

I am indebted to the nomads I met there for their warm hospitality and openness towards my craft. I believe this series of photographs captures a sense of the Mongolian way of life, their connection with their animals and the beauty of the land for which Mongolians show immense pride. I invite you to explore the images on the gallery walls and share in appreciating a unique land and culture. All prints are guaranteed archival quality and framing services can be provided on request.

The exhibition is free, open to the public and will run from February 23 – February 29 and is conveniently located at the Matt Irwin Gallery in Scott Alley in Melbourne’s CBD (access via Flinders Lane close to Swanston St). For more info and to RSVP please visit the facebook event page.


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