Boorun’s Canoe exhibition launching this July!

Back in February I announced on this blog a project called Boorun’s Canoe, an Indigenous cultural arts collaboration I’ve been working on part-time for the past couple of years with Indigenous artist Steaphan Paton, senior Gunai/Kurnai elder Uncle Albert Mullett, the extended Mullett family (of the Gunai/Kurnai community in Gippsland) and Bunjilaka, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre at the Melbourne Museum.

“Boorun’s Canoe is a story of cultural pride and intergenerational knowledge passed on by Senior Gunai/Kurnai Elder Uncle Albert Mullett to his Grandsons and family, including lead artist Steaphan Paton, who learnt the tradition of bark canoe making. Featuring the bark canoe and stunning photographs by Cam Cope capturing the canoe’s creation, Boorun’s Canoe celebrates the strength and continuation of Victorian Koorie culture.”

Steaphan and I are now really excited to be able to announce that the exhibition will be opening in just 3 weeks time and will be open to the public for four months! (July 6 – November 4 @ Melbourne Museum, Nicholson Street, Carlton). The exhibition will showcase the canoe that the Mullett family made, 15 massive prints of photographs I’ve taken (1.6 metres in size!) and a short film made by Daybreak Films on the day we launched the canoe at Lake Tyers in February. The space that Bunjilaka have offered us is absolutely amazing and will do great justice to  what has been the most interesting project I’ve worked on.

I hope you can get get down there to check it out and if you’d like to attend the opening night launch event on Thursday 5th of July send me an email and I can send you an invitation (the event is by invitation only).

6 thoughts on “Boorun’s Canoe exhibition launching this July!

  1. hi i met Steaphen at the NMM conference.
    I’d love to write something about the opening after the event for the Koori Mail newspaper. I’m in Sydney.
    could you also invite to opening my friend bronwyn weingott

    and also bush telegraph at abc radio national

    have a great launch
    margaret smith

    • Cheers Margaret, I just invited your friend Bronwyn and will put you in touch with Museum Vic’s PR manager about the article for the Koori Mail. Cam.

  2. Hey cam! I have an invitation for tonight but my sister would also like to come
    Is it too late to get an invitation for her?

    • Hi Alysha, sorry for missing this! I had a hectic week over the exhibition opening, and I have since been in Indonesia for the past 8 days. I think we’ll be having a book launch in a month or so, would you like to come to that?

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