Karma Suits Ya

GL42-Festival-Nepal_LR-1In the April of 2001 an excited 16-year-old boy sat waiting to board a flight for Nepal in Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. It would be his first experience outside of Australia and his nerves jumped from the sinews as the call to board came over the loud speaker. He was about to embark on a humble 3-week hiking trip organised by his school.

He had no idea the experience would spark a passion for travel that would grip for life and eventually become – in a way – his profession.

Uncounted scores of countries later, I was just as excited to hear the boarding call – for the first time in 13 years – back to the country where it all began. And this time I had an assignment I could have only dreamed of when I was in school: the legendary crew at Get Lost magazine and Sherpa Tours had sent me to produce a festival feature on the Nepali New Year (also known as Bisket Jatra).

What followed was such a cultural high it reminded me of every reason that Nepal was the catalyst for my career and then some. While I was there it crystalised that this festival is the perfect place and event at which to run the travel photography workshop series I’ve been dreaming of for years (but more on that soon), for now check out the current issue of Get Lost to see one of my most memorable stories to date, or download it here as a PDF.

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