‘Travel Photographer of the Year’ & ‘Best Australian Story’ Awards

Sometimes as a freelancer or an artist (or both?) it can feel like you exist on your own remote planet, far from any peers who could breath your atmosphere and observable to each other only when we decide to turn our telescopes at our neighbours (I know what you’re thinking, but I’m talking neighbouring planets here!). With little day to day feedback or direct colleagues to rub shoulders (and share gripes) with, it can at times be hard to know where you are at. But on rare occasions the planets do align in orbit (of let’s say, wanderlust?) and we get to share in each others trials and tribulations.

Last week was one such event, the Australian Society of Travel Writers came together to discuss the industry and recognise the work of its professionals via the annual convention and awards for excellence ceremony. Inconveniently for my metaphor above, I couldn’t attend, but it means a lot to me personally, and for my professional practice, to have been recognised with two awards: ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’ and ‘Best Australian Story Under 1000 Words’ – even if I could only watch the party through a telescope (ok this metaphor is still weird).

If you’ll indulge me I’d like to thank Get Lost Magazine for giving me my first opportunities in print way back in the day, and for continuing to support me over the years, so it’s fitting that my winning photo, ‘Fists & Magic,’ was a DPS in their ‘Exposure’ section in issue 40 earlier this year. I’d also like to give a BIG thanks to RoyalAuto Magazine (particularly the editor, Jeremy Bourke) for accepting a wild pitch that I first made nervously in person at last year’s ASTW awards – little did I know it would go on to snag the cover feature and an award for my writing (most unexpected!). 

Cue the (badly poured) champagne!


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