Abandoned in Chile!

Hi guys, here’s another post from down in Chile’s northern Patagonia.

I don’t often photograph architecture but this scene just really captured my attention. I was being shown around some remote subsistence farm properties in the Relconcaví Estuary when I noticed this house. It is an abandoned settler home that is now boarded up and potentially harbouring a deadly infectious disease (hence it being boarded up, though apparently the disease is easy to remove and does not pose a significant threat). I really like the wooden shingles typical to the architecture in the region (made from ancient Alerce timber, a type of long living Patagonian cypress) and the turquoise colour used to paint it. There is no road leading to this house and no electricity, the only access is by sea, followed by a steep climb to where now only the neighbour’s cattle and pigs roam. The scene was beautifully backlight and a light coloured exposed earth embankment directly behind me was reflecting a rich warm light into the facade of the house. As I stood evaluating the scene I noticed a cow headed for the narrow path by the side of the house and I knew it would perfectly complete the scene if I could capture it as it passed. I leaned back against the embankment to squeeze in as much as I could with my 24mm, the afternoon sun caught my lens producing a kind of dreamy lens flare as the cow passed. Click.

Hope you like it, more shots from Chile coming this week!