Fists & Magic


Two rippling combatants pit themselves against one another in the only wrestling code in the world (outside travel journalism) to allow bare-knuckle punching and sorcery magic.

I took this photo ringside at a Senegalese wrestling match in Dakar in the middle of madhouse high-pitched singing, drumming, hyper-masculine posturing, dancing, sorcery tactics, swinging fists on the sand and wild antics in the grandstands. It was what I imagine tribal warfare to be like and was all the more intimidating because I was the only pasty skinned whitey in the entire stadium.

As pictured above this photograph just made it into the ‘Exposure’ section DPS (that’s a double page spread in publishing jive) of the current issue of Get Lost Magazine (issue #40). To see the image in all its actual-ink-on-paper glory (and the rest of the mag, ahem, of course) order a copy from Get Lost or schwing by your local Newsagent (if they still exist?). Or if you’re a cheater then here’s the DPS-PDF.

Exposure details:
• Canon 5D Mark II
• Canon 70–200mm f2.8L IS USM lens at 200mm
• ISO 160, f/3.5, 1/3200 sec


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