Coping Abroad


It’s an unsettling feeling to arrive at a point in your career when people start coming to you seeking professional advice and insights on your practice.

When it began for me I thought it was too soon. “I’m still trying to figure it all out for myself!” became my trusted opener. But the more I began to answer questions the more I began to take stock of some important lessons I’ve learned. Through my many failures, luck, perserverance and (most importantly) direct experience, I’ve somehow emerged as a professional in travel, photography and storytelling – and the more I shared my insights the more I began to accept that perhaps I do have a right to be the one answering questions from time to time.

Most recently I was interviewed by Chris Sorgsepp for Infocus Magazine who replied wryly to my opener: “Aren’t we all still trying to figure it all out?” Read the full interview here.


2 thoughts on “Coping Abroad

  1. Great article Cam. Really enjoyed reading in more depth about your photographic work journey over the past 5 years or so.

    Rob Devling

    • Cheers Rob, my next talk is for VCE Top Arts photography students at the Melbourne Museum at the end of this month. I’m looking forward to presenting a distilled collection of photog-career advice for the mini-adults.

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