Last chance to see Sydney alive…

Foot-HeadOn the St James entrance to Hyde Park North in Central Sydney hang 22 gigantic (2.8m x 1.78m) photographic prints. They’re the finalists selected by a panel of judges from over 1300 entries into the Sydney Life Photographic Prize. Each year this competition celebrates “the Sydney that lies beneath the iconic images” that usually define the city.

This year I was lucky enough to be among the finalists with the image ‘Foot Head’ featured in this post. I captured it on a late night commute after noticing a perspective that turned things upside down on a double storey train somewhere is Sydney’s underground.

Thanks so much to the organisers for the $500 prize for being a finalist and congratulations to Jenny Evans for taking out the overall win for her Redfern portrait.

The exhibition is on until this Sunday the 20th of October and thanks to Tasmin Brown of Portrait Equality for sending me the snap below of my print in the park.



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