Picture 1000 Words Update

Here’s an update for those following my photo-literary collaborative project in development: ‘Picture 1000 Words‘.

The updated list of taken images (reserved from further submissions due to awesome stories being already accepted) now includes the following: 3, 5, 6, 19, 22, 23, 26, 29 & 31. All of the remaining images are still available for submissions. I expect to exhibit roughly 15-20 photos with the accompanied writing so that means image-writing opportunities are running out fast!

Time is also running out fast, there are now only three more weeks until the March 31st deadline is upon us, so hesitation and procrastination are definitely not your friends (I know they like to tell you they are, they try to with me all the time but instead I tell them to go eat unheated spam in a cold, uninviting restaurant with sterile lighting and poor company).



In Other News: Furious Japanese ninjas raided an ancient temple overnight in a silent blitz that left all its members stunned. When asked by one media jockey how it will affect their practice at the temple the lead monk was philosophical: “Gold statues will not take us closer to nirvana, only one thing can do that. Clicking the thumbs up on the Cam Cope Photography facebook page. No ninja can steal that from us!”


2 thoughts on “Picture 1000 Words Update

    • Thanks man. They are wise those monks, but easily bribed into endorsing my work on Facebook (on account of losing all their valuable gold statues I suppose).

      Cheers for rap on the Pic 1000 Words project, how’s Yossarian treating you?

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