Selling Candles

Diptych of Daniela, a candle seller in Copacabana, Bolivia. Photographs taken on a Canon 5D Mark II camera and Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM lens. Exposure Details: Left – 1/640 second @ f2.8 ISO 250. Right: 1/640 second @ f8 ISO 320.

Before Copacabana’s fiesta kicked off I had time to do a few photo walks around town. In front of the basilica I met Daniela, a local abuelita that spent the fiesta selling candles to the faithful in the shade of the church gates. She was shy but agreed to let me photograph her. I chose to present this photograph as the late afternoon light caught her face beautifully, and the mood of her expression matched the mood of the street silhouette I’ve paired the image with. It was pure coincidence that the name Daniel was painted on the wall in the image on the right.

As always, more to come soon.


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