I tilt my hat to you

Dancer portrait during a fiesta in San Pedro, La Paz province, Bolivia. Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM lens. Exposure Details: 1/1250 seconds @ f4 ISO 200.

Drawing a feeble link between the content of this post’s photo and today’s date,  remembrance day, I tilt my hat to the veterans. Though I will also point out that WWI was an imperialist war that in my opinion served Australia in no way. We got slaughtered for king and country, a country not even our own. Over ten per cent of Australians served and the casualty rate was 65%, the highest for any country involved in the war. Why exactly? Well partly because that’s what war does, it kills people, but also because of poor management in high command. And what exactly did we get to show for it? Not much, although there is this curious photo of a kangaroo in Cairo (with the pyramids in the background and everything), where the Australian 9th and 10th battalions trained before being sent to Gallipoli.

I’d also like to point out that today we will see the most useless but beautiful of numerical alignments. In fact I’ve scheduled this post to publish precisely at that moment… sort of, in Turkey anyway, where it seemed most appropriate (and convenient for me). That time is of course 11:11.11 on the date of 11/11/11. Marvel at the wonder, and never mind that when it passed here in Australia I was out surfing.

Moving back to Bolivia’s fiestas.

At risk of a dancer portrait overload, here is yet another from the San Pedro festival I attended in Bolivia in April this year. I’d have stopped photographing them by now if they weren’t so damn photogenic. The bowler hat she is wearing is all the rage for women to wear in Bolivia. Supposedly it was adopted from the British somehow, but now they are ‘traditional’ I suppose and different styles can indicate marital status… or so someone told me.

More variety to come, I promise, we still have most of this month to flesh the theme out.


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