San Pedro Mountain Fiesta

Fiesta celebrations in San Pedro, La Paz province, Bolivia. Photographs taken on a Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4L IS USM lens. Exposure Details, left: 1/400 seconds @ f10 ISO 250, right: 1/400 seconds @ f10 ISO 320.

Keeping the fiesta theme rolling here is a diptych from San Pedro, a tiny village in the mountains of Laz Paz province, Bolivia. Just like the 4WD pictured, I hitched a ride on a ute for over an hour sandwiched between moustachioed trumpet players and piles of bulky costumes. We cut along a hair-raising dirt track that clung to the side of a near-vertical valley. On each turn we sent dust and gravel over a ledge roughly 800 metres above the river. The trumpet-men around me joked in Aymara and laughed at my pitiful attempts to pronounce any expressions. Occasionally traffic would bank up as a vehicle coming from the other direction tried to squeeze past in one of the few places where the road was wide enough. When we arrived I had made a team of friends that would invite me to many beers and even insist I try on a costume for a dance… but I’m saving that story for another post, all shall come in time. This is the month of Bolivian fiesta shots afterall.

Don’t forget you can click on the image above to see it enlargened, I know these diptychs come out a little small in the blog post thread.

Till next post.



11 thoughts on “San Pedro Mountain Fiesta

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