Mark of excellence award received

Local carioca boy (local from Rio de Janeiro) cruises past the bat and ball nets on Copacabana beach. Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM lens. Exposure Details: 1/800 seconds @ f3.2 ISO 1250.

Occassionally I make a few forays into the shady world of online photography competitions. Often they appear to be thinly veiled money making schemes or fronts by companies to cheaply acquire imagery for marketing purposes. However, would I complain if I were to win a few thousand dollars in cash as a result of entering? …mmmm, no. This competition seems to run on a decent model where the money paid by entrants jackpots the prize, kind of like how the amount you win at poker depends on how much money is lost on the table by the other players. Here I lost my $10 entry fee, but I did receive this mark of excellence award. Was it worth it? Was I duped into parting with my money as a result of a wildly inflated self belief in my photography? You be the judge.

6 thoughts on “Mark of excellence award received

  1. I like it Cam, the sand, black kid and his board shorts kind of screams Brasil at you (if I saw it without any text I would immediately guess where it was). You made a typo tho, it’s carioca with an a 🙂

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