Salvador Beach Boys

Local boy battles his way out of the fierce shorebreak in Porto da Barra, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Canon 5D Mark II camera and Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM lens. Exposure Details: 1/1250 second @ f3.5 ISO 100.

Hey guys here’s another post coming to you from Bahia in Northern Brazil. I took this photo down on the beach at Porto de Barra in Salvador. It is a seriously hectic urban beach on a Sunday, packed with families kicking back drinking beer, eating moqueca, listening to music through old school ghetto blasters and playing soccer. Meanwhile the kids hurl themselves fearlessly into an epic shorebreak (big waves that dump only on the shoreline) that rolls through in sets every few minutes.

Getting the camera out here was at first a bit intimidating because it was such a different scene from anything else I’d been around in South America. I honestly felt like I was in Africa there were so few Europeans on the beach! Also not being a Portuguese speaker I felt a little less secure about myself than in Spanish speaking countries where I can speak to people freely. But after a few minutes I recalled my own saying that I never brought my camera to keep it hidden away in security lockers. In anycase as usual people were super friendly and as it also often does, having my camera out turned out to be a great way to meet people and interact with these kids.

Don’t forget to check out my photography on Facebook, and stay tuned for more coming soon from way down in Rio de Janeiro =D


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