Bonito Brazil

A local strolls along the beach in the late afternoon sun in Boipeba, an island in Bahia, Brazil. Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM lens. Exposure Details: 1/500 seconds @ f4 ISO 100.

Hi guys here’s a shot I nabbed in Bahia in northern Brazil.

I took this shot on one of the most chilled out, beautiful islands I’ve ever visited. It goes by the name Boipeba and sits about a 3 hour ferry ride from Bahia’s capital, Salvador. The gritty tropical hustle of Salvador (that has the vibe of a heaving mega-city despite being of a population under 3 million) is left far behind, literally in your wake when you arrive here. I spent a casual 3 days exploring the island’s many beaches and hanging out in the sleepy town centre. I dined on delicious local delicacies and met some awesomely friendly locals in my unfortunately brief stay there.

This photo I snapped with my telephoto lens late one afternoon after a hike. There was not too much planning going into this shot which is why I say I ‘snapped’ it. I just spotted a nice backlit scene with a local going for an afternoon stroll. The moment was not there for long, I simply dropped to one knee to get some perspective happening with the beach and tried to squeeze as much of the palms as I could into the composition. I think it definitely captures the relaxed tropical atmosphere present on the island. Muito Bonito.

Hope you like and more to come soon from Brazil.


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