Argentina Rocks!

A rock climber takes on an epic pinnacle in the Argentine Andes near Bariloche. Vertical panorama stitch of 11 separate images using Photoshop CS4. Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4L IS USM lens. Exposure Details for all 11 images: 1/250 second @ f13 ISO 320.

Hi guys, today’s post comes from a great three day trek I did to a mountain refuge called ‘Refugio Emilio Frey’ in the Nahuel Huapi National Park close to the southern Argentine city of Bariloche.

To get this shot my friend and I scrambled up a rocky ridge several hundred metres. We aimed for the highest non-technical point we could see and found a few keen climbers hell bent on conquering this incredible pinnacle of rock towering above Laguna Schmoll and the mountain refuge El Frey. Up until this point I’d been blown away by the views but was struggling with the harsh late morning light to make a nice photograph. Luckily the angle of the sunlight caught the pinnacle in a perfect rembrandt style, bringing out the warm orange tone of the rock while also providing the right angle for my polariser to make a deep blue from the sky in the background. My proximity to the rock meant I couldn’t capture the entire scene with my 24mm lens so I took a series of landscape framed shots stacked on top of each other and later stitched them together into this vertical panorama using photoshop CS4.

Later on that afternoon I met the climbers, exchanged emails and have since shown them the photographs, something I always do when I can.

Hope you enjoy and don’t forget I now have a facebook page which I’d be stoked if you went ahead and ‘liked’.




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