Siesta Police in Argentina!

Snoozing cops ride the bus in Argentina. Canon 5D Mark II camera and Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM lens. Exposure Details: 1/160 second @ f3.2 ISO 2500.

Hi guys here’s a quick post from my South American travels. This humorous photograph was taken on a public bus in Argentina.

Tongue tucked into the corner of my mouth and pulse racing I tiptoed to within two feet of my snoozing uniformed co-passengers. I had time to click over the shutter just once before the policeman stirred, opening his eyes directly at me. Biting my lip I feigned conversation with a bemused French tourist seated opposite. Fortunately my subject had not truly woken and I returned to my seat with a nervous grin. Catching cops snoozing in South America is fairly commonplace, but photographing them mid-siesta could potentially be a dicey proposition because it is illegal in some countries. And of course it may cost you a bit of baksheesh to keep you out of trouble.

Cheers for reading and expect South American photo postings to start rolling in thick and fast, I have a raft of great shots to put up!



3 thoughts on “Siesta Police in Argentina!

  1. Hey Cam! The photo is great and your description is very good! hahaha I wish I saw it!
    I want to see other photos of South America, including Brazil.
    I accessed your website and saw your photos, they are wonderful! 😉

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