Abandoned Settler Home makes Photo of the Day, Light and Composition Magazine October 24th.

Abandoned settler home, Burra, South Australia. Taken on a Nikon D80 camera and Nikon 24-120mm f3.5 VR lens. Exposure Details: 1/125 second @ f14 ISO 100

Well they keep coming in thick and fast, I’ve had another photo selected as the photo of the day in Light & Composition Magazine, October 24th . This time it’s an old settler landscape from South Australia. Australia’s rural landscape is dotted with crumbling homes that stand as silent monuments to the country’s first European settlement. The radically changed landscapes that these old frontier homes stand in are a vast display of how man can erase biological diversity and replace it for the purpose of producing just a single cash crop, in this case wheat.

The photo automatically goes into a competition for the photo of the month, which will be selected based on the number of comments, tweets and re-tweets of the photo of the day. So head on over to the site where you can like it on facebook, leave a comment in the ‘leave a reply’ box and if you’re a twitterer, please tweet away.




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