2010 Thredbo Ski Racing Cup

2010 Thredbo Ski Racing Cup Slalom Champion Hugh Stevens hits the gate on his second run. Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM lens. Exposure Details: 1/2000 seconds @ f3.5 ISO 100.

Today’s post comes from last weekend’s 2010 Thredbo Ski Racing Cup Slalom race held on the ‘World Cup’ run at Thredbo ski resort in New South Wales. I took this shot of the winning FIS (International Ski Federation) age competitor Hugh Stevens on his second run down the course. These guys absolutely rip down the mountain and at times I was feeling more than a little bit too close for comfort. Through covering a few lead up races to this event I’d learned that keeping on your toes ready to jump the hell out-of-the-way is a necessity of the job because some of the racers lose it big time, and when it happens on the gate directly above you things can get a little dicey. Fortunately I’d received some expert advice on where to position myself on the course by former winter olympic photographer / former professional freestyle skier Randy Wieman of Hot Shots Photography & Video. I came away from the day with some great shots and a taste of things to come as I will be shooting the FIS level races, the highest level of ski races held in Australia, later in August. To see more shots from the event check out the new Ski Racing gallery on my website.

In other news as we speak we are finally getting another fresh dump of snow after a few weeks of springlike weather, glum faces and and reports that 2010 is shaping up as the worst snow season for 20 years. I’m also making some progress with my skiing in my time off. Coming up soon should be some shots from stage 3 of the Thredbo Freeride Series, the ‘ridercross’ event, which I’ll be covering on Tuesday, as well as the upcoming FIS races that I mentioned and whatever backcountry adventures I get up to over the coming 6 weeks.




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