The Trail of Ghengis Khan soon to air!

Tim Cope and his travel companion Tigon reunite at Spotswood Quarantine after 12 months apart. Nikon D80 camera and Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens. Exposure Details: 1/400 second @ f10 ISO 200.

Hey guys just thought I’d give my brother’s new documentary series ‘The Trail of Ghengis Khan’ a quick plug. It’s a 6-part series of Tim’s epic 3-year journey by horse across Eurasia, 9,000km from Mongolia to Hungary. The journey was an amazing achievement and our family is super proud of Tim. The series is just phenomenal so be sure to check it out. It is being aired on ABC 2 starting on July 28. For more information check out the series’ website and Tim’s personal website.

Being near on the eve of the series’ premiere I thought it was also a good occasion to show this image I took of Tim reuniting with his travel dog. Tigon was given to Tim as a gift in Eastern Kazakhstan and accompanied him all the way to Hungary. The two formed a very strong bond but were then separated for 12 months while Tim jumped through the slow, expensive and bureaucratic hoops of international canine migration. This photograph captures the moment of their emotional reunion at Spotswood Quarantine in Melbourne in December 2008.




2 thoughts on “The Trail of Ghengis Khan soon to air!

  1. Great dog! Great journey! Great story! Great guy! Would love to do similar some time. Looking forward to the next book. Thank you.

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