‘NiVan in the Grass’ selected for exhibition

I thought this was worth a mention: my portrait ‘NiVan in the Grass’ (as seen in the Vanuatu Smile gallery on my website) was selected for exhibition for the ‘Bang Your Drum Competition’ held by the Australian Commercial Media Photographers association. The exhibition was held on the weekend at the ‘DigiLife Expo’ at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. It’s my first success in some recent forays into photography competitions, all of which (excluding this one) have yet to be judged, so fingers crossed there’ll be some more news to report on the competition front.

It’s been a hectic few months for me, have been a little short on blog posts as I’m working on a few different things at the moment and am about to move up to Jindabyne for a ski season. Hence upcoming posts are likely to feature snow and mountains in many varieties, but I think we’ll be waiting a few weeks yet.

Also news is that the ‘Friends of CAM COPE Photography‘ facebook group is now up and I’d be stoked if you go ahead and join it.




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